Customer Testimonials

  • I am taking a wine class and had many questions and asked for a number of suggestions for comparing and contrasting wines. The Wine Connection staff found wines that were wonderful in my price point and taught me about each one I was purchasing. Great knowledge of wines, great patience, good sense of humor and competitive prices.

  • Great selection and owner is extremely knowledgeable and personable. It’s like being in a wine museum guided tour.


Pre-Arrival Wines

Access to wines from around the world
We have listed thousands of pre-arrival wines so that have access to buy wine ranging from fine and rare investment-grade wine to everyday drinking bottles from Bordeaux, Burgundy, California, The Rhone, Australia, Chile and more.
All pre-arrival listings are confirmed available, meaning that as soon as you make a purchase, the wine is yours–though it will take 2-4 months for it to arrive.

The Wine Connection Del Mar

We have been helping people pick their favorite wines for over 26 years for all types of occasions: holidays, weddings, sunsets on the beach, graduations, 60th birthdays, Tuesday night dinners, and pretty much every other moment that comes to mind.